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360o Service

An energy analysis will look at every aspect of your energy usage, find additional savings you may be able to make.


Supplier Handling

You will no long have to deal with with energy suppliers to claim refunds, obtain cheap tariffs and manage any supplier switch.


Reducing Costs

Receive practical suggestions for reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint, as well as news about the latest technologies.


Continued Support

Gain continued help with managing your energy and additional advice on schemes like ESOS or how to obtain the ISO 50001 certification.

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  • Helpful Insights +

    Our first step is to analyse your business and give you a clear, detailed report on how you use and pay for your energy – free of charge.

    To start our energy analysis all we need is your businesses past bills, access to meters and a signed letter of authority (which we draft), so we can deal with suppliers on your behalf.

    Then, using our own specially developed software, we’ll go through your energy usage with a fine-toothed comb and create a bespoke Validation Report covering your meters, annual consumption (day and night), CO2 emissions, tariffs, costs and contract details. 

    If you have multiple sites, we’ll cover them all in a single consolidated report.

    Using your validation report, we can discover whether you are due a refund, advise you on when your current contracts expire and find other ways for you to cut energy costs and your carbon footprint.

    There is no upfront charge for writing your Validation Report. You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially a great deal to gain. (Read our FAQ to find out how we get paid.)

    To find out how much you could save, contact us now.

  • Refunds Owed +

    If you’ve been paying too much for your energy, we’ll work out what you’re due and claim it back for you.

    We can analyse your past billing, going back for as long as six years and can uncover overpayments that have simply gone unnoticed. You get the reassurance that we have looked, and it costs you nothing for us to check.

    Overpayment can happen for many reasons: wrong tariff allocations, incorrect contract details, metering issues, overbilling, double-billing during and after transferring suppliers and many more. We look for them all.

    Before we start, we’ll draw up a simple letter of agreement that sets out exactly what we’re going to do and how we’ll charge for it. Nothing happens without your approval. Once you’re completely happy, we’ll approach your supplier and start negotiating to obtain your refund. And we don’t ask for payment until your cash is safely in your bank account.

    To find out if you’re due a refund, contact us.

  • Best Tariff +

    If you’ve worked with energy brokers before, get ready for something completely different.

    When it comes to finding the best energy deal for your business, no one works harder than us.

    Many energy brokers work with a small group of three or four suppliers and offer no analysis to go with their quote. Some work for just one provider.

    As an independent business energy consultants we currently work with 22 energy suppliers throughout the UK. This gives us access to one of the best ranges of tariffs for you and your business, as well as ensuring you don't pay too much for your energy.

    And because we’re completely independent, you can rest assured that the options we put forward have been fully researched from every energy supplier able to quote. We’ve saved many clients over 50% of their energy costs, delivering cash savings that significantly improved their bottom line year after year.

    We provide a comprehensive tender report showing all your energy requirements, across multiple sites if need be, and each supplier’s prices (based on our own calculations, not the suppliers’.)

    We use our own bespoke software to create our reports, freeing up our time to look further for the best tariff for you and your business.

    Our customer service is important to us and we’ll support you every step of the way, from analysing your energy needs to managing the transfer of your account. When you’re ready to switch, we’ll issue a notice of termination to your old supplier, oversee the transfer and make sure no billing discrepancies creep in. Unlike some other business energy consultants, we also stay involved after your account transfer, to help you identify even more savings going forward. 

    To take the first step towards a better deal, contact us.

  • Helping You Reduce Energy Consumption +

    Many organisations are unintentionally wasting energy, often in simple ways such as lighting premises at night, or leaving equipment switched on when not in use.

    First, we analyse your business to understand how you consume your energy and where you can make savings, helping the environment as well as your bottom line.

    We’ll suggest changes to tariffs and metering that could make a very worthwhile difference to the amount you pay.

    We can also help you plan your future energy use, so you never overpay again. We’ll look at alternative options to reduce costs in good time, so you’re ready when the time comes.

    Finally, for a cost effective fee we set up our EnergiPlan+ system to help you manage your energy consumption and lower your carbon emissions going forward, achieving progressive improvements and your environmental targets.

    To find out how much you could save,  contact us.

  • EnergiPlan+ Energy Management System +

    Take control of your energy use and carbon footprint with EnergiPlan+, our revolutionary online energy management system.

    EnergiPlan+ is our specially developed cloud-based system that lets you take full control of your energy use, achieve real cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

    EnergiPlan+ has been designed to take the absolute minimum amount of resources to run. In fact, it’s probably the simplest, easiest, automated and integrated system on the market. And we’ll make it even easier to get started by adding the data from our core energy-management services into EnergiPlan+ for you.

    EnergiPlan+ lets you build a portfolio of all your energy assets and meters, track energy use in detail, plan budgets, benchmark between sites and much more.

    EnergiPlan+ details each assets operational actions, allowing you to easily reduce its energy consumption. In addition, when it's time to replace it EnergiPlan+ displays more energy-efficient equivalents. Use EnergiPlan+ to check in for tips on saving money and energy whenever you want.

    It gives you the same level of visibility and flexibility as the solutions used by major manufacturers and processors for a fraction of the cost, putting advanced energy management within the reach of every business.

    Read more about our EnergiPlan+

  • Water Consumption +

    If you like what we do for your energy bills, let us do the same for your water.

    If you spend more than £5,000pa on water charges, we can bring the same rigour and precision to your water provision as we do to your energy.

    On average, 7 out of 10 business could save as much as 30% on their water bills – but if we don’t check, you can’t save.

    Just provide us with the relevant bills and we’ll do the rest. We can look at areas such as leaks, charge bands, billing validation, water meters and more. 

    To cut your water charges,  contact us.

  • Low Carbon Expertise +

    Our Managing Director, Simon Binks, is a registered and licensed Low Carbon Consultant and affiliate member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

    As a Low Carbon Consultant Energy Management Systems Specialist, Simon can:

     - Establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system

     - Develop processes and procedures within the system

     - Improve energy performance in a systematic way

     - Ensure the energy management system conforms with its stated energy policy, and demonstrate such conformance to others.

    To find out how our ideas could help you save, contact us.

  • Continuous Support +

    Continuous Support

    We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service to our clients.

    If you have a problem, or just a question about any aspect of your energy provision, we’ll do everything we can to help.

    As proven experts in energy management, we offer trusted, impartial advice to help you reduce energy use, shrink your carbon footprint and cut costs.

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